About us


Management Italian Festivals.

The purpose of our association is the creation and management of festivals, competitions and concerts with Italian international selection with mainly Eastern Europe.

We are looking for talented artists who want to appreciate the artistic world.

We organize and head cultural projects that are sponsored by the Embassies of various countries where we operate; aimed at associations of various types (music, dance, choirs, folklore, etc.). We help artistic schools, hotel and other seeking partnerships with similar structures.

The association is non-profit; any income of associative activities is reinvested in the works for the community.

We are associated with other international festivals with whom we collaborate, share experiences and highlight artists of note to make them participate in their competitions.

Our goals:

  • The preservation and development of national traditions and cultures.
  • The establishment of creative contacts, strengthening of international relations and cooperation through the creativity of children and young people.
  • Promote socialization and unity of the various national cultures.
  • The discovery of historic landmarks and local products.
  • Encourage children and young people to the study of singing, music, dance choreography. With the hope of discovering «new talent.»
  • Exchange of experience between the groups and teachers, support for constant creative contacts between them.
  • Improve the professional skills of teachers and directors and guidelines of the collective through: seminars, «round tables» and master-classes.
  • Attract the attention of institutions, commercial entities, the Mass Media of the above in order to raise awareness.