Festival CSF 2023 EN


Creatività senza Frontiere 2023- Rome


International Festival Competition


July 31 to August 5






  • Encouraging the unity of different national cultures, their preservation and development;
  • Strengthening of international relations and cooperation through culture and creativity;
  • Getting acquainted with pieces of national culture and art of different countries;
  • Discovering historical sites and unique local cuisine;
  • Revealing and active promotion of new talents;
  • Creating conditions for the exchange of experiences of working with creative groups;
  • Attraction of attention from state, international, commercial, and public organizations, as well as media coverage of children and youth creativity.
  • The competition has an international character and is divided into five categories:

1 — Vocal  2 — Instrumental performance 3 – Choreography 4 – Visual arts 5 — Fashion theatre





Age categories:
JUNIOR BIMBI — (up to 7 years old)
JUNIOR 1 — (8 — 10 years old)
JUNIOR 2 — (11 — 14 years old)
SENIOR 1 — (15 — 18 years old)
SENIOR 2 — (19 — 31 years old)
OVER — (32 years old +)


Musical genres (nominations):
Theatrical creativity;
Author’s song.


Evaluation criteria:
1. The purity of intonation and the sound quality.
2. Performing skills.
3. Correspondence of the repertoire to performing abilities and the age category of the performer.


The total duration of the performance should not exceed 3:30 minutes. Variants of performance: phonogram “-1”, instrumental accompaniment, a cappella. The use of backing vocals is permissible if it does not go in unison and does not dynamically overlap the main part.




Age categories:
JUNIOR BIMBI — (up to 7 years old)
JUNIOR 1 — (8 — 10 years old)
JUNIOR 2 — (11 — 14 years old)
SENIOR 1 — (15 — 18 years old)
SENIOR 2 — (19 — 31 years old)
OVER — (32 years old +)


Musical genres (nominations):
Author’s performance.


Evaluation criteria:
1. Degree of proficiency in the instrument.
2. Purity of intonation.
3. Possession of a dynamic palette of sound, artistry.
4. Artistic interpretation of a piece of music.


The total duration of the performance should not exceed 4 minutes.





Age categories:
JUNIOR BIMBI — (up to 7 years old)
JUNIOR 1 — (8 — 10 years old)
JUNIOR 2 — (11 — 14 years old)
SENIOR 1 — (15 — 18 years old)
SENIOR 2 — (19 — 31 years old)
OVER — (32 years old +)



      Musical genres (nominations):
1. Classical;
2. Folk;
3. Stylized choreography;
4. Contemporary dance;
5. Pop dance;
6. Children’s role-playing dance;
7. Oriental dance;
8. Sports dance;
9. Street dance (hip-hop, R’n’B, Electric Boogie, Breakdance, Locking, Popping and other street dance styles);
10. Ballroom dance (European and Latin programs).
11. Author’s choreography. 



Evaluation criteria:
1. Sense of rhythm, synchronic movements.
2. Artistic image.
3. Performing skills.
4. Correspondence of the repertoire to performing abilities and the age category of the performer.



The total duration of the performance should not exceed 4 minutes. 




VISUAL ARTS: painting and graphics

                       Age categories:
JUNIOR — (6 — 14 years old)
SENIOR — (15 — 26 years old)
OVER — (27 years old +)


                 Evaluation criteria:
1. Individual presentation by original shading of tonality.
2. Advantage of color palette and shades.
3. Fantasy and originality.
4. Artistic interpretation.


To participate, you must submit two works (free theme). 





    Age categories:
JUNIOR BIMBI — (up to 7 years old)
JUNIOR — (8 — 17 years old)
SENIOR — (8 — 25 years old)



To participate, you must submit three costumes:
• The National costume;
Evening wear;
Free theme.



            Evaluation criteria:
1. Relevance of the idea, imagery in the disclosure of the topic, design.
2. Entertainment.
3. Defile, choreography, artistry.
4. Craftsmanship and quality of performance of the presented costumes.





1) The organizing committee determines the jury of the competition in each category and approves its composition. The jury consists of honored workers of the education system and culture, teachers of specialized educational institutions, famous singers, composers, musicians, heads of festivals and competitions from different countries, and mass media representatives.

2) The jury evaluates the performing skills, vocal skills and stage culture of the participants according to the system from 70 to 100 points.

3) A member of the jury cannot evaluate the competitive performance of a participant from the country he represents.

4) The jury expresses its opinion on the basis of the stage skills, creativity and the level of training of the participants. The jury’s decision is final and not subject to change.

5) The GRAND PRIX is determined by the composition of an independent jury in accordance with various evaluation criteria.

6) The jury members do not have the right to disclose the results of the competition before the official announcement.




The prize fund is 3.000,00 euros (the amount of gift certificates).

Each participant will receive a “Diploma of the Participant in the Festival” and souvenirs of the festival.
All winners will receive diplomas, medals, and trophies.
The winner of the GRAND PRIX will receive a diploma and special trophy.





  1. The Organizing Committee reserves the right to amend the Regulations in full, without changing the general principles.
    2. All changes and additions to the Regulations will be published on the website www.mifassociation.com and social networks immediately.
  2. The organizers do not accept any responsibility for theft or damage incurred by the participants.
  3. The organizers would not bear any responsibility if the events were to be suspended by order of the authorities, natural disasters, strikes, for reasons of any force majeure.
  4. Any dispute regarding the work of M.I.F. will be subject to the exclusive competence of the Ascoli Piceno court.
  5. In case of disqualification or non-participation in the competition, the participant will not be eligible for a refund of the registration fee.
  6. The organizers of the festival are not responsible for the life and health of the participants in the competition. This responsibility rests with team leaders, parents, and individual participants.
  7. All responsibility for non-compliance with the conditions stipulated in these Regulations rests with the participants.
    9. A participant who registers in the competition unconditionally accepts each item contained in these Rules.
  8. The organizers disclaim all responsibility for damage to persons or property during the entire event.
  9. Important! All participants and guests of the festival must comply with the rules established by the Italian government regarding COVID-19.




  1. Rehearsals and performances are held strictly according to the schedule provided by the organizers of the festival competition. Repertoire changes are not accepted. Substitution of phonogram “-1” on the day of the competition may not be carried out.
  2. The recording of the phonogram must be made on a flash drive in MP3 format with ideal sound quality. Please, have copies of phonograms with you!
  3. The copyright of the songs belongs entirely to the songwriters and composers of the songs themselves.
  4. It is not allowed to be late for rehearsals and competitive performances.
  5. The list of participants for the gala concert is drawn up by the director and signed by the president of the festival and is not subject to discussion.
  6. The organizing committee has the right to:
  • take photos and carry out video filming of the competition program;
  • use, replicate and distribute photo (video) materials of the competition for information, advertising, and methodological purposes;
  • change the place and time of the competition, while the dates of the festival remain unchanged.





The participant agrees:

  1. To accept completely and unconditionally the rules of participation and holding of the competition, contained in the Regulations;
  1. Send the following:
  • phonogram “-1” of the competitive performance that meets all the requirements of the Organizing Committee in the Regulations. Be sure to have copies of phonograms with you!
  • fill out an application for participation and send it in WORD format;
  • send a copy of the payment;
  • a copy of the identity document of the participant and accompanying person;
  • and 1 photo of the participant.

Important! All files must be signed and sent to the Organizing Committee of the competition by email fsenzaf@gmail.com

The deadline for submitting applications for the competition is June 30, 2023.




For more information, please call the numbers below or write an e-mail.


M.I.F. Association:

Italy +39 339 1873084