“Sing at Home” 2020 EN



International Online Competition


“Sing at Home”


The announcement of the results is always very exciting, but for our participants, the excitement is already behind us 🤗

Friends, it was just unbelievable! 💥💥💥

This year, the international online competition “Sing at Home” 🏡 was attended by talented and active participants from 31 countries: Italy, Switzerland, France, Greece, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, USA, Moldova, Malta, Cuba, Israel, Macedonia, Russia, Turkey, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Georgia, Poland, Albania, Romania, Kosovo, Estonia, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Latvia, Lebanon, Germany, Great Britain, Ireland, and China.

Friends, you are incredible! We thank each of you for being with us! For your emotions, for your excellent mood, for your active participation in the competition, and for the feedback that you give us!

Thanks to all our participants for amazing, soulful, and sincere videos for our contest. We did not expect such creativity and involvement in the shooting process, diverse angles, bright costumes, or cool props! We really appreciate your efforts and creative approach to business! ⭐️

We are pleased that our international competition is truly family!  
Thanks to this, we always get the most touching and most sincere emotions!

Many thanks to parents and teachers. It is you who instil a love of music and musical instruments, interest your children in creative activity, and bring up a new generation of musicians ❤️

We express our deep gratitude to our esteemed members of the jury for the professional evaluation of the performance of each participant, as well as for the openness of heart and views!

Congratulations to all the winners and thank you all for participating!

📜 From 25 to 30 June, all participants of the competition will be sent diplomas for their nomination, as well as letters of thanks to teachers by e-mail.

We are also happy for your publications and photos with diplomas! Put hashtags — #singathome & #mifassociation and share your joy with loved ones! 




Age categories:


JUNIOR BIMBI — (up to 7 years old)


JUNIOR 1 – (8 — 10 years old)


JUNIOR 2 – (11 — 14 years old)


SENIOR 1 — (15 — 18 years old)


SENIOR 2 – (19 — 31 years old)


OVER – (32 years old +)






Age categories:


JUNIOR – (6 — 16 years old)


SENIOR – (17 – 31 years old)


OVER – (32 years old +)





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