Festival CSF 2020 EN


Creatività senza Frontiere 2020


June 15/22, 2020




  • Encouraging the unity of different national cultures, their preservation, and development;
  • Strengthening of international relations and cooperation through culture and creativity;
  • Getting acquainted with pieces of national culture and art of different countries;
  • Discovering historical sites and unique local cuisine;
  • Revealing and active promotion of new talents;
  • Creating conditions for the exchange of experiences of working with creative groups;
  • Attraction of attention from state, international, commercial, and public organizations, as well as media coverage of children and youth creativity.



The competition has an international character and is divided into five categories:

1 — Dance / Choreography     2 — Instrumental     3 – Vocal     4 – Visual arts     5 — Fashion theatre



PART I — Choreography

Age categories:

Musical genres (nominations):



·         JUNIOR BIMBI — (up to 7 years old)

·         JUNIOR 1 — (8 — 10 years old)

·         JUNIOR 2 – (11 — 14 years old)

·         SENIOR 1 — (15 — 18 years old)

·         SENIOR 2 – (19 — 31 years old)


1.        classical choreography

2.        folk choreography

3.        stylized choreography

4.        contemporary choreography (jazz, modern, neoclassic, neofolk, afro)

5.        variety dance

6.        children role-dance

7.        oriental dance

8.        sports dance

9.        street destinations (hip-hop, house, techno, disco, breakdance)

10.   ballroom dance (European and Latin programs)


The participants present 1 performance in one nomination and in one age category. The duration of the performance should not exceed 4 minutes.


Evaluation criteria: 

a) Sense of rhythm, synchronic movements

b) Artistic image

c) Performing skills 

d) Correspondence of the repertoire to performing abilities and the age category of the performer



PART II – Instrumental

Age categories:

Musical genres (nominations):



·                    JUNIOR – (6 — 16 years old)

·                    SENIOR – (17 – 31 years old)


1.   Classic

2.   Folk

3.   Pop

4.   Jazz

5.   Modern music


The age group of the collectives is determined by the average age of the participants. The participant presents 1 performance. The duration of the performance must not exceed 5 minutes. Performance with an accompanist or Playback “-1” is permitted. Do not exceed the timing of the executable program. The Jury has the right to stop the performance if the candidate exceeds the prescribed time limit.              


Evaluation criteria: 

a) The level of proficiency.

b) The purity of intonation.

c) Possession of a dynamic palette of sound.

d) The artistic interpretation of a musical work.


PART III – Vocal

Age categories:

Musical genres (nominations):



·         JUNIOR BIMBI — (up to 7 years old)

·         JUNIOR 1 – (8 — 10 years old)

·         JUNIOR 2 – (11 — 14 years old)

·         SENIOR 1 — (15 — 18 years old)

·         SENIOR 2 – (19 — 31 years old)

·         OVER – (32 years old +)



1)      Academic (opera, major form, mass, pastoral)

2)      Folk

3)      Pop

4)      Jazz

5)      Theatrical creativity



The age group of the collectives is determined by the average age of the participants. The duration of the performance should not exceed 4 minutes. The song can be performed with Playback “-1”, instrumental accompaniment or “a cappella”. The recorded back vocal is permitted if it doesn’t duplicate and drown out the original voice (a melodic line) of the singer.


Evaluation criteria:

a) The purity of intonation and the sound quality

b) Performing skills

c) Correspondence of the repertoire to performing abilities and the age category of the performer



PART IV – Visual Arts: Painting – Graphic Arts – Sculpture

VISUAL ARTS  (Painting – Graphic Arts – Sculpture):


  • JUNIOR — (6 — 14 years old)
  • SENIOR — (15 — 25 years old)


Participants must show their 2 artworks.


Evaluation criteria:

a) The degree of drawing properties

b) The fantasy and the originality

c) The possession of a color palette and shades

d) The artistic interpretation


PART V – Fashion theatre

Fashion theatre:


  • JUNIOR BIMBI — (up to 7 years old)
  • JUNIOR 1 — (8 — 17 years old)
  • SENIOR 1 — (18 — 25 years old)

Participants must show their 3 costumes:

• National Costume

• Evening wear

• Free theme


Evaluation criteria:

Author’s creative personality and mastery, design;

Composition methods skill;

Defile, choreography, artistry;

The uniqueness of the idea and execution.




Fill in and sign the Application Form which you can download from our website www.mifassociation.com

It’s necessary to make a list of all participants and artistic directors or accompanying persons. Send documents by e-mail fsenzaf@gmail.com to the Organizing Committee. You can find the list of necessary documents on the website. After getting the application form and payment, the Organizing Committee will send the Confirmation of Registration. You need to print it and attach it to your documents which are given to the Organizing Committee on the day of arrival.

The deadline for entries is March 31, 2020. The number of participants is limited, make your reservation as soon as possible.



  1. In each phase of the competition the order of presentation is defined by the Organizing Committee of the Festival and is indisputable.
  2. The Jury is chosen by the Organizing Committee. The Jury consists of honored workers of the education system and culture, teachers of specialized educational institutions, famous singers, composers, musicians, heads of festivals and contests from different countries, mass media representatives. The Jury composition is announced before the Festival-Competition. The Jury’s decision is final and not subject to change.
  3. The Jury evaluates performance skills, vocal and artistic skills from 70 to 100 points with decimals.
  4. The Jury makes decisions only on the basis of their performance skills, artistic skills, creativity, and training level.
  5. Each participant is evaluated individually and not compared with another. The President of the Jury has the right to another vote in the event of a tie of votes. The Jury has no right to disclose the results of the Competition before the official announcement.


    Replacement of photographs and musical material on the day of competition is not possible.

    The information about technical facilities will be provided on the website of the festival; for example, the measures of the stage and the possible slope in %. There will be an audio system, an acoustic or electric piano (based on the availability of the Theatres) and a set of 8 radio microphones. The competitors have to send to the Organizing Committee the recording of the performance by e-mail. The record must be of high quality in MP3 format. They are in no way permitted executions in full playback or vocal track, or on bases played via personal computer (sequencer) or other MIDI-based readers. The recording of vocals is allowed if it does not go in unison and if it does not cover the basic dynamic. You should have copies of the playbacks!!!



    Each participant receives a «Diploma of the Participant of the Festival» and souvenirs of the festival. All winners will receive diplomas, medals, and trophies. The winner of the GRAND PRIX will receive a diploma, a special trophy, and a cash prize.



    1. Organizing Committee reserves the right to amend the Rules & Regulation in full, without changing the general principles.
    2. All changes and additions to the Regulation will be immediately published on the website www.mifassociation.com
    3. Rehearsals and performances are held strictly according to the schedule provided by the Organizing Committee of the festival competition. Repertoire changes are not accepted. Participants are not allowed to be late for rehearsals and competitive performances.
    4. Organizing Committee assumes no responsibility for theft or damages incurred and/or suffered by participants.
    5. Organizing Committee assumes no responsibility if the event were to be suspended by the order of the authorities, natural disasters, for strikes, for trade union reasons or for any force majeure event.
    6. JURISDICTION: Any dispute concerning the work of the M.I.F. will be mandatorily referred to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Ordinary Court of ASCOLI PICENO.
    7. In the event of disqualification or withdrawal from the competition, the participant will not be entitled to a refund of the registration fee.
    8. The leaders of the teams and participants of the festival are responsible for the life and health of the participants of the competition who are members of this team.
    9. All responsibility for non-compliance with the conditions specified in this provision lies with the participants.
    10. The participant who is registered in the competition accepts, of course, every item contained in this Regulation.
    11. Organizing Committee declines all responsibility for damage to people or property throughout the event.

    The Organizing Committee has the right to:

    • create a photo and audio, video and printed matter;
    • use, copy and distribute the photos (video) information materials in advertising and methodological purposes
    • change the location and time of the competition, the festival dates remain unchanged;

    The participant, who registers to the competition, accepts unquestionably this Regulation.


    For more information call the numbers below or write an e-mail.






    M.I.F. Association:

     Italy +39 339 1873084

    Belarus:  +375 29 7719848

    E-mail: fsenzaf@gmail.com

    Official website: www.mifassociation.com